Love In The Moonlight

Is a historical Korean drama series that depicts the tangled lives of Prince Lee Yeong ang Hong Ra On (also known as Eunoch Hong Sam Nom). 


Hong Ra On is the daughter of Joeson's rebel, Hong Gyeong-nae, causing so much anxiety to the King. She grows up disguising as a boy, as instructed by her mother for fear of being abducted.  She eventually parts with her at eight years old in the market when they try to flee from the soldiers and learns to fend for herself under someone else's care. Similarly, she has no information about the significance of her father's identity.

In between, she performs in various places & writes love letters to earn a living until the company they owe money from sells her to the palace as a eunuch.  As Hong Sam Nom (Ra On), she disguises as the prince's personal eunoch. In the process, they fall in love with each other.

Prince Lee Yeong, an interim ruler after his father becomes ill is haughty and playful. Yet he dearly adores his mother from whom he learns the many principles of life as well as the characteristics of a great leader. He is an idealist who wishes to remove the gap between the people and his rulership, someone who will bring hope to his nation and where equality is observed. On the other hand, he is serious with his princely tasks by making his country better. He is also a man of honor. His unconditional love for Ra On despite the myriad challenges they face together is remarkable.

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Love In The Moonlight admittedly captured my heart; I was smitten! The reasons, I'd like to share with you:

1. I was hooked with the characters and how believable their portrayal were. It was exciting to watch how Lee Yeong unearthed each and every unscrupulous event headed by Minister Kim Heon and his accomplices to destabilize the King's family. The friendship he had with Byeung-yeon was outstanding. He was one of the few persons he trusted. The unthinkable sacrifices Byeung-yeon  had for Lee Yeong, even to the point of losing his own life was something. There's also Yoon-sung who was the prince's good friend when they were young. Despite their families constant feud for power, he remained loyal throughout the drama to the prince. I also admired his sincere one-sided feelings for Ra On; it was disheartening.


2. I felt various emotions throughout the series. I was tickled, glad, furious, relieved, disappointed and hopeful. The writers made sure to create an exciting ending in every episode, craving the viewers to look forward to the next.


The finale episode was the perfect culmination, as Lee Yeong realizes the country he envisioned. He was like the moon shining brightly because of the few trusted people who stood with him in the course of time.


Unlike some drama series with tragic ending, Love In The Moonlight was totally different. Sure, the writers  had to kill several vital characters. The many hurdles the main roles had to face were surreal and I have to remind myself constantly that it is fictional.

I've watched Park Bo Gum in other dramas but his role as Lee Yeong was outstanding. Did you also experience any fangirl moment? 

Park Bo Gum (Source: Pinterest)

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