The Mothers In My Life

My mother and grandmother both play a significant role in my life. I saw their strength behind their gentleness, their ability to simultaneously juggle their roles when the need arises and their wisdom in resolving the many challenges in the family.

My mom

I will never forget the myriad sacrifices my mom has done for me especially after my injury. After losing my ability to walk, she was my number one cheerleader. She was present during my physical therapy sessions - from the moment I was taught to get up from bed, to sit, to balance, to stand, and walk with assistive devices (walker and long leg braces).

She supported me to go back to school, to join PWD organizations which eventually widened my perspective, and most importantly to deepen my faith. She is my safe place amid the hustle and bustle. She is quite protective too. We argue, agree, discuss and enjoy doing many things together.

My grandmother with most of her great grandchildren

My Lola is the pillar in our family. She recently celebrated her 96th birthday early this month. She is generous, forgiving and kind. Her love for Christ enabled us to get to know Him better when she started inviting Baptist pastors to conduct Bible studies in her home. While I was growing up, she instilled in me the value of time, money and the importance of tithing. She has faced various hardships yet, she manages to surpass them all with the help of our good Lord.

Strength and honor are her clothing... she openeth her mouth with wisdom, and her tongue is the law of kindess.. a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. Proverbs 31

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