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The situation these days is far different from when the Covid-19 pandemic began. I was appalled with the sea of people in the mall even on a weekday! Since it's summer here, the temperature can be a high 35 degrees (or even higher). Maybe the crowd was window shopping while enjoying the cool environment. Perhaps there's really a need to replenish their pantry or just like us, we decided to have lunch to celebrate my mother's birthday.


In the past, she would prepare a number of dishes for the family. I may not be a good cook but I know the hustle of going through it. Normally, it starts from planning, to marketing, to preparing (the ingredients) and then cooking. Whew, such a tedious task! Besides, there is an abundant of restaurants nearby to make this occasion less stressful for the celebrant as she heartily enjoys the food.

Clockwise: beef kare-kare, chicken sisig and pinakbet 

It's our third time to eat at Kuya J's. We agreed unanimously to order something new from their menu and opted for their kare-kare bundle. The dishes were almost cooked to perfection. The beef kare-kare was very soft; it's peanut sauce, rich and thick. The chicken sisig was bursting with so much flavor - it was tender, crispy and quite spicy. Their version of pinakbet, was a bit hard. Maybe we can request to have it cooked thoroughly next time. 

L-R: espesyal and ube halo-halo 

Their espesyal (vanilla flavor) and ube (yam flavor) halo-halo version were way better than the other restaurants who also offer this dessert.  The milk and sugar were incorporated into the water, frozen then shaved, giving a very smooth texture to it! You guessed it right - we truly had a very satisfying meal! By the way, Kuya J Restaurant belongs to the food company who also manages Landers Superstore, Popeyes Philippines, Grandcon, Tsay Cheng Chinese Cuisine and Seafood City. How was your Kuya J experience?


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