Tatay Cito: Productive Elderly

It is an unusual scenario for me to witness a group of elderly men who are still physically strong, are  mentally capable and are ever willing  to work to earn a decent living.

At John Wilkie Bicycle Shop along J.P. Rizal in Marikina City, Tatay Cito, an experienced and veteran bike tinker,  replaced my existing pneumatic wheelchair tires with my spare and inflated those with 100 psi!

Those seniors began working when the bicycle shop started its operations in 1983. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the growing demand for bicycles, the business even flourished. It is a one-stop shop that offers an assortment of bicycles, parts, accessories and services. 

More often than not, old age is associated to laziness as the individual mellows in his activities, until deterioration in all aspects of his life become more evident (i.e. problem solving skills, decision making, etc.).

Instead of lazing around their homes, begging on the roads or being dependent to their children, they are continuously sowing and making many (like myself who need their skill) happy! 

These snapshots were taken while I remained in the vehicle. It was both endearing and surprising to witness the skill displayed by Tatay Cito! 


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