Vantage Point Of A Responsible Dog Owner

It was decades ago when my grandmother's dog died, a pekinese, that looked like a living carpet! It's fur was really soft and long. It was overweight yet everybody thought it was cute! Back then, I remembered how gentle and friendly it was. I played regularly with it but never knew how to properly care for it.

Last month, Savy, the pet dog of my nephew O and niece N died. It was brought to the veterinary quite late.  Unfortunately, I saw its health regressing. Probably for three months, he had difficulty peeing. Small amounts of urine came out very slowly for a long period of time. It also didn't have appetite and eventually stopped eating days before it was brought to the vet. It had kidney stones blocking in the urethra! His laboratory results were very critical too. When the catheter was inserted, the kidney stones went to its bladder and it was not able to withstand the trauma. It was painful to witness such event.

Being a responsible pet owner entails so much more than just feeding, playing and grooming the animal. I learned the following:

1. Like humans, it needs a good diet to avoid getting all sort of illnesses especially when it becomes a senior.

2. One has to be very keen with its emotions to understand how they feel. It gets excited, sad, loved or angry like you.

3. Physical activity is a must. When it becomes older, the play time can be shorter to avoid tiring the dog.

4. Yearly visit to the veterinarian is important to monitor its health and to understand what foods are harmful.

There are many more helpful tips from Google. With the necessary knowledge, our beloved pets can extend its life and continue to bring joy and comfort to our families. We'll miss you, Savy!

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